Star Wars Fan Creates A R2-D2 Robot That Can Fly


Star Wars fan? Good, you will love this then! Meet R2-D2 that has been transformed into a flying contraption. The flying R2-D2 quadcopter is fan-made and will make saving the galaxy look like a fun and easy thing to do. The R2-D2 quadcopter drone has been created by YouTuber and Star Wars fan Don Melara who modified a quadcopter.Arturo Is The R2-D2 Drone With The Force 4

The new and improved R2-D2 is the droid you can rely on to take flight in order to protect you and save you from whatever trouble brews for you. It has been given the name of ‘Arturo’ and features a DJI GPS autopilot navigation system along with an articulating drone, speaker box, LED jetpack lights and a camera that has been incorporated into its eye.Arturo Is The R2-D2 Drone With The Force 3 Arturo Is The R2-D2 Drone With The Force

Melara writes on his YouTube page, “It took approximately eight days to complete the build. It was always a childhood dream of mine that someday, someone would build a flying version of our favorite Star Wars droid. Now, thanks to today’s technology and a little bit of a passion for aviation it has become a reality.”
Arturo Is The R2-D2 Drone With The Force 5
Arturo Is The R2-D2 Drone With The Force 2

He has also expressed his plans of uploading a video about how he managed to carry out this transformation. Till then, you can enjoy the video of Arturo drone flying around!


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