Amazing Refrigerator Doesn’t Require Electricity To Operate


One of the most commonly found appliances in homes is a refrigerator. It allows to preserve food and fruits for a longer period of time at the cost of electricity. However, about 1/3rd of the world population doesn’t have access to electricity and thus, the refrigerator is an appliance unknown to them. This brings up the question of preserving food that is perishable and how to achieve that? Let’s see, what if you were in Africa – a hot and dry country. You can always make use of laws of thermodynamics along with a bit of creativity for achieving the same feat as a refrigerator does.Amazing Refrigerator Doesn’t Require Electricity To Operate

MittiCool has designed a fridge that is capable of working without electricity and can keep food cold even in hot and dry areas. The refrigerator is environment-friendly and is based on the superposition of two clay pots that feature wet sand between them. The evaporation thanks to the dry and hot climate of the area cools down the interior cavity that is protected by a cover. The idea sounds very simple but it is quite amazing what you can do with this idea when you apply it creatively. The only items required to make it work are dry air and water!Amazing Refrigerator Doesn’t Require Electricity To Operate 2

The contraption is able to keep vegetables and fruits fresh for about 3 days while helping in keeping cooked food consumption-worthy for days. It has been created using four different sorts of clay and guarantees an internal temperature of 8 degrees. The device doesn’t work this well everywhere since it requires hot and dry climate for its working.Amazing Refrigerator Doesn’t Require Electricity To Operate 3

It costs low for manufacturing and maintaining this contraption and is highly suitable for developing areas that suffer from hot weather and have issues regarding access to energy.


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