10 Best Extension Cords with Surge protectors


With the influx of new electronic appliances and gadgets, we found ourselves with a shortage of wall sockets to power them. Extension cords ease that woe and also help in distributing power over greater distances indoors.

10. Unigear Extension Cord(16.99$)

10 best extension cords with surge protectors (6)

These extension cords have 3  AC plugs and 2 USB 2.1 A ports.  The power cord is 28 inches long, and the surge protector can sustain 300 joules.

Available Here!

9. ORICO Desktop Surge Protector(29.99$)

10 best extension cords with surge protectors (4)

This large extension cord has 8 AC plugs and 5 USB power outlets that can deliver 2.4 amps. Max output of this device is 1750W with 1700 joule surge protector. Though good specs, it is quite bulky.

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8. Arista EXT-007 XTENDACORD Surge Protector with Retractable Extension Cord Outlet(45.35$)

10 best extension cords with surge protectors (10)

Though this extension cord has only 3 AC outlets the retractable extension cord outlet feature is a bonus. The extension cord automatically retracts a specific distance with every push of a button.

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7. Fellowes 6 Outlet Extension Cord(20.45$)

10 best extension cords with surge protectors (1)

A rudimentary power strip with a 15 amp circuit breaker. 15 Foot power cord is ideal for use in home or office and that too at an affordable cost.

Available Here!

6. Flepow 8 Outlet Power socket with extension cord(31.99$)

10 best extension cords with surge protectors (2)

This vertical power socket helps you save space more than any other; this design also enables you to plug in multiple devices without the hassle of replacing some connections to make room. It is fitted with a 950 joules surge protector & 4 USB outlets.

Available Here!

5. AmazonBasics 6-Outlet Surge Protector Power Strip, 790 Joule(9.99$)

10 best extension cords with surge protectors (7)

Best value for money buy. This low-cost power strip is perfect for household gadgets and with a 790-joule surge protector your appliances are safe.

Available Here!

4. Tripp Lite 8 Outlet Surge Protector(29.97$)

10 best extension cords with surge protectors (5)

25-foot long cord with this one enables you to attach devices in large conference halls or living rooms. It is installed with 1440 joule surge suppression rating with EMI/RFI line noise filtering to help components perform at their peak while extending their lifespan.

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3. Kensington SmartSockets Premium Surge Protection Power Strip(39.99$)

10 best extension cords with surge protectors (9)

Circular surge protector allows you to connect power to multiple devices with relative ease as ample room is left after each AC Outlet. 1500 joules surge protector is indeed enough to protect your expensive digital devices.

Available Here!

2. Quirky PVP-1-WHT Pivot Power 6 Outlet (18$)

10 best extension cords with surge protectors (8)

Pivoting outlets come in handy as instead of bending & twisting your cables you simply adjust the power strip to meet your needs. Fitted with a 672-joule surge protector, this is no doubt a useful buy for use around office or home.

Available Here!

1. Belkin 6-Outlet Commercial Surge Protector (13.99$)

10 best extension cords with surge protectors (3)

Regarding  cost and durability, this extension cord has no equals. Made by Belkin, this item is a consumer favourite on amazon.com having a 5-star rating with more than 2400 reviews. The product can sustain maximum spike currents of 48,000A and it features a 10 foot long 14 gauge power cord.

Available Here!


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