10 Best 32 GB microSD Cards For Smartphones And Cameras


With the onslaught of gadgets and electronics came the vast amount of data we interact with on daily basis. The data can be anything ranging from files on your desktop PC to pictures in your camera/smartphone. It is an essential requirement that this information should be safely stored and easily transferable so that led to the advent of memory devices. Micro SD cards are small chips that are removable from your phone/camera and can be placed into any other device to share files. Micro SD card slots are now a standard on most Laptops, tablets and smartphones. So check out this list of 10 best 32GB microSD cards and let us know your favourite.

10. PNY U3 High-Performance 32GB High-Speed MicroSDHC (13$)

Best 25GB Micro SD cards (10)

Up to 60MB/sec speed for fast transfer rates. Decent quality SD card though not as popular as some of the other brands.
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9. Redcolourful 32gb Micro SDHC(9$)

Best 25GB Micro SD cards (2)

This Micro SD card comes with an SD adapter as well. Applicable with smartphones, digital cameras, DV camcorders, PDAs, MP3 players, tablets, and other digital products. The micro SD card recently had some negative reviews regarding the chip not working, but they were more of an isolated cases.
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8. Sony 32GB Micro SD(15$)

Best 25GB Micro SD cards (6)

Sony a household name in electronics. The chip is standard with Sony products such as cameras and smartphones; the deal includes an SD adapter and file sharing in excess of 70MB/s.
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7. Abacus24-7 32GB microSD Card(9$)

Best 25GB Micro SD cards (7)

Write is 10MB/s while during file read it is 55MB/s. This SD card is ideal for recording high-quality digital videos. An affordable option to Sony.
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6. Silicon Power 32GB Micro SD(12$)

Best 25GB Micro SD cards (5)

One of the fastest memory chips in the market today, with file sharing speeds to 85MB/s.Compatible with SDXC UHS-1 enabled host devices, and the manufacturer offers a lifetime warranty.
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5. Transcend 32GB MicroSDHC (13$)

Best 25GB Micro SD cards (4)

This micro SD card has file sharing speeds up to 50MB/s. Also like many others, it comes with an SD adapter making it one of the popular choices online.
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4. Lexar High-Performance MicroSDHC 32GB(25$)

Best 25GB Micro SD cards (9)

This chip comes recommended by the infamous GoPro camera. It shouldn’t be a surprise though as this memory stick as it can handle file sharing speeds nearly at 100Mb/s, this is ideal when you want to transfer high definition videos.
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3. Kingston Digital 32 GB Class 4(16$)

Best 25GB Micro SD cards (3)

Compliant with the SD Card Association card 3.00 specification.Operating temperatures: -13 degrees F to 185 degrees F (-25 degree C to 85 degrees C). Kingston is a leader in producing small memory devices; the firm is known for its quality and reliability in the products. Likewise, this chip is different.
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2. Samsung 32GB EVO Class 10(12$)

Best 25GB Micro SD cards (1)

This micro SD card is fully compatible with almost every Samsung gadget. As marketed, the card is Waterproof, Temperature Proof, X-Ray Proof and Magnetic-proof.
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1. SanDisk Ultra 32GB UHS-I/Class 10(14$)

Best 25GB Micro SD cards (8)

SanDisk is a leader in making SD memory cards. Ultra SanDisk seems to be the most popular choice with the consumers. SanDisk memory cards are compatible with almost any electronic device having a micro SD card slot. The firmware installed is also really reliable which makes this SD card as our number one choice.
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