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Zoomed-Out Pictures Of The ‘Doorway’ On Mars Have Been Revealed – And They Are Quite Anticlimactic

Bummer! The Doorway On Mars Doesn’t Look Like Much When Zoomed Out

Last week’s snapshot of a strange doorway on Mars by NASA’s Curiosity rover is nothing to get excited about, according to a group of geologists.

The doorway is not the gateway to a haunted Martian temple or a dungeon full of terrible monsters. It doesn’t even lead to a tiny cave where someone lends you a sword and warns you that going alone is risky. Instead, it’s only a shallow hole in the rock wall.

The gateway was most likely constructed by “natural erosion,” according to geologist Neil Hodson, and there was “nothing artificial” about it, according to planetary geologist Nicholas Mangold. Fractures in the rock and thermal stress may have caused a chunk of stone to slide away, leaving a gap that only appears to be a gap.

In reality, the shot of this doorway on the surface of the Red Planet was zoomed to make it more appealing than it is.

Since the zoomed photo went viral, professional debunker, Mick West, has uploaded zoomed-out images of Mount Sharp taken by Curiosity, which doesn’t seem attractive at all.

This isn’t the only time photos taken from space have been misconstrued. Vaguely recall when China’s space agency reported the discovery of a possible lunar cube? It was only a piece of rock.

Either aliens need to stop hiding from us, or scientists should stop figuring out that there aren’t aliens hiding from us.

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