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Your Childhood Is A Lie – Claw Machines Are Rigged With The Help Of Some Clever Engineering

Have you ever trusted the claw machine despite winning a few times in between? Did it ever give the feeling of being rigged? Well to me it certainly did, and now it has been confirmed in this groundbreaking video. The design of claw machines is rigged in many ways possible and so high was their guaranteed profit returns during the early days of their inception that they were classified as gambling machines instead of getting lucky machines.

Many of the modern ones deceive us cleverly. By giving us the control of the “claw”, they have created an illusion that these machines are in our control. But in reality, they are not. By controlling the clutching power of the gripper, they can provide power only when it is required. How many times have you seen your prized catch slip through the fingers? It is because the code of that machine calculates the probability to win to remain profitable. Enough power is only applied when there after a certain number of turns. They are mixed in between with a random algorithm so that you cannot suspect of its wrongdoing.

Here is the video that will reveal everything to you:

Other methods of rigging include the illusion of toys slipping from the grasp and swinging of the catch before finally coming to a stop. These players play big don’t they? This rigging in fact invited legislation from the federal and state governments throughout the US. Some of them capped the price of the items up for grabs while the other laws forced them to cut some of the rigging strategies. They even prevented these machines moving from one state to another. Such strict controls also speak of their pre-planned nature.

The claw machines are entertaining and fun to play. The thrill, the challenge, and the near misses are all fun, but there should be laws to control the widespread rigging in them. It’s easy money for the investors that shouldn’t be that easy.