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You Won’t Believe That This Is Actually Furniture

Rough Sketch Products 5

Perception can be deceiving, no? For instance, look at the picture below and tell us what do you see?
Rough Sketch Products 6At first look it seems as if an artist has scribbled something onto his sketchbook, but look closely and you will see that these scribbled lines are in fact furniture made from wires and is capable of easily bearing a person’s weight.

The concept has been introduced and implemented by Daigo Fukawa under the category of modern furniture. The concept is called ‘Rough Sketch Products’ and literally look like as if they’ve been taken out of a sketchbook. There is no trickery in this whole concept; only wires which have been placed ingeniously and perfectly with a background which is blank and hence, gives out the feel of ‘sketch-book’.

The designer has very smartly questioned our sense of perception while bringing out the idea in the open. The furniture includes chairs and benches and it makes the people sitting on them look like as if they are floating in air. Quite an addition for your home if you like having such futuristic furniture!

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