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You Won’t Believe But Russians Actually Built A Turbo Jet Train In 1960s

Soviets have carried out a number of crazy projects and this turbo train is one of them. All aboard the crazy train? Alright, let’s see what this project was all about!Soviet Turbo Train From The 60’s Has Been Found

The intended speed for this monster was slated to be around 360k/h and it managed a record speed of 250km/h on the Soviet standard railway. The project was eventually dropped because of the high fuel consumption of jet engines that were incorporated into the train. These engines were consuming more fuel than the jet planes actually.

It was long believed that the turbo train that was built had been lost but recently it was discovered rusting on the backways of some railroad. What follows are the pictures of what remains of this monstrous and speedy turbo train that was built back in the 1960s and 1970s. What a technological leap it must have been at the time of its construction.

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