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You Will Need A Bag And A Boat For This Market In Thailand

Visiting market for getting groceries is a very common idea and kind of like a tradition. However, usually these markets are located on solid ground, right? That is not the case for a number of conventional markets in Thailand. In Thailand these unorthodox markets are known as floating markets and they are located on canals where vendors navigate the narrow spaces using canoes that are filled with goods.

One of the most famous floating market is known as Damnoen Saduak located in Ratchaburi Province which is about 100 km southwest of Bangkok. Once you look at the pictures you will notice a peculiar quality which is timeless; that quality is because of the fact that these markets are working for quite some time. The canal was built back in 1866 in order to facilitate the trade between Samut Sakhon Provinces and Ratchaburi. Soon it transformed into a full of life hub of trade that is waterborne.

The canal was opened to public back in 1868 and is in use ever since. Most of the shoppers would use boats to make purchases, however some of them prefer purchasing from the shore. A large quantity of the vendors are the locals that live on the banks of canal. They grow vegetables and fruits over here that are later sold from their boats. Some vendors also sell non-food items such as clothing, tourist souvenirs and religious items. The water from the canal is also used for the growing of crops in this naturally fertile area.

If you’re planning to visit Thailand any time soon, make sure you visit these floating markets.