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You Can Now Chat With President Obama Using Your Facebook Messenger

President Obama has continued to build up on his legacy of being the coolest president USA has ever seen. In a move aimed at integrating technology and communicating even more, the White House just joined Facebook’s latest bot platform. This means that you will be able to send a note to the president as easy as writing a Facebook message!

Image: cbc

Over the course of USA’s history, the primary way to connect with the president was via letters and in the near past emails. But now you can essentially talk to Obama using this method termed as “a first of its kind for any government the world over” by the Chief Digital Officer Jason Goldman via a post on the White House’s blog. 

Of course, just like it is with sending an email or letter to the White House, sending a Facebook message does not mean that Obama will read it. But Messenger claims that the President reads 10 messages every night, so that’s something right? And building on the reputation of intuitive and easy to understand interface, the bot essentially walks you through the entire process of sending a chat to the White house.

It is slightly different from traditional chats in that you will also have to add your contact information, email address and phone number before sending a message. This is done in the event that your message is one of the lucky ones which gets read and the President actually decides to make a reply.

Image: Screenshot/facebook

The authorities at the White House states that they aim to connect people with their leader more easily and conveniently. This is the reason why the President launched his own Twitter account and the First Lady uses Snapchat so regularly. They want to create wholesome opportunities for people to engage with their government in ways that are accessible and trendy.

And though the White House has not suggested how they will go through the process of selecting the messages read by the President, it most probably will be overseen by The Office of Presidential Correspondence, which will filter through the messages and select the appropriate ones out.

Are you planning to message Obama soon via messenger?

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