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You Can Now Be A Part Of Hugh Jackman’s Latest Movie Trailer – Thanks To Deepfake

If you ever wanted to be a part of a Hollywood movie trailer, now’s your time to shine!

It’s no surprise that technology has come very far in the last few decades. From photoshopping our pictures into different scenes to bringing photos of deceased relatives back to life, it seems like now you can star in your very own sci-fi movie trailer alongside Hugh Jackman! What a time to be alive!

In a campaign to promote the new science fiction film, “Reminiscence”, filmmakers have teamed up with a company called D-ID to create a unique trailer that offers an interactive experience for the public using deepfake technology. If you’re not familiar with deepfake, it’s a type of artificial intelligence tool used to fake videos and images using machine learning.

So how does this work? Simple, you just need to upload your picture here (or if you want to prank your friends, upload theirs) and let the wonders of technology do the work. Your image is then animated and added to a short trailer for the movie and just like that, you’re a star! While the end result isn’t that impressive, it still offers a good laugh and is a great marketing tactic by the filmmakers to promote the new film.

Deepfake technology is a fairly new technology and every day we’re seeing new experiments being done with it. Take Deep Nostalgia, for example, an impressive and somewhat unsettling feature used by a genealogy company called MyHeritage that allows users to upload pictures of deceased relatives and see a short animated video of them. While there is a lot of work to be done to perfect the technology, the possibilities are endless. From different scientists explaining their theories to the audience in a museum, to deceased artists talking about their work or even singing, this will surely enhance the user experience in the future.

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