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Xiaomi’s Lighten AI English Reading Companion Translates Any Text You Place In Front Of It

What you are looking at is a Lighten AI English reading companion. It has been developed by Xiaomi by making use of its crowdfunding platform Youpin. The gadget can be classified as a groundbreaking piece of technology. The amazing device provides Chinese speakers with translation services. Using the Lighten AI English reading companion, Chinese speakers will be able to help with translation services for English.

It will have to be used in collaboration with a smartphone. It features an in-built Cambridge dictionary along with a simplified dictionary as well. The Lighten AI English has a 13MP Sony IMX214 camera that enables it to take a photo of the text that is placed in front of the device. The camera comes with a wide angle lens and is capable of taking pictures of texts up to 1750 square centimeters. The text can range between anything from children picture books to exam papers and even magazines.

The Lighten AI English is not yet able to provide a complete translation of the text. Rather it will translate only the word that you will point toward along with its pronunciation. The word, regardless of its font type, typesetting format, and line spacing shall be scanned and then relayed to the app.

The wonderful gadget by Xiaomi weighs in at one hundred and ninety grams only and measures in at 34x34x1.62mm when it is not being used. The device, as you can see from its weight, is extremely lightweight. The head of the device projects outwards to enable the camera to scan the text below it. However, don’t be fooled by its low weight and small size; it comes with a 2600mAH battery and is powered using an Intel AI chip. It also features a vacuum stabilizer for the sake of maintaining its stability.

Shipping is scheduled to begin soon and you will be able to get a unit for $59 on Xiaomi Youpin.