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World’s Oldest Needle Is 50,000 Years Old And It Was Not Made By Homo Sapiens


Pic Credits: siberiantimes

In an incredible discovery, scientists have found a sewing implement with a hole for a thread at this year’s summer archaeological dig at Altai Mountains cave. This cave has previously yielded so many ancient artefacts that it is believed to hold the secrets of man’s origins, but this “needle” seems to be the most significant discoveries till date.

Since the recent revelation about our long extinct hominin species or subspecies Denisovan; we have been finding remarkable discoveries and surprises from their civilisation. Continuing the trend, this 7 centimetre (2 3/4 inch) needle is believed to be made and used by our Denisovan ancestors and appears to be still usable even after 50,000 years.

Pic Credits: siberiantimes

Professor Mikhail Shunkov, head of the Institute of Archaeology and Ethnography in Novosibirsk, said: ‘It is the most unique find of this season, which can even be called sensational.”

Previous findings of sewing needles have been made by the researchers in the Denisova Cave, but none of them were as old as this one. The cave has been something of a holy grail for the archaeologists as it has up till now shown signs of habitation from at least three distinct species of genus Homo, which includes Neanderthals, Denisovan and modern humans. The most ancient of them all, are the recently discovered Denisovan; and the needle is thought to have been made by them.

Pic Credits: siberiantimes

“It is a needle made of bone of so far an unidentified bird. As of today, it is the most ancient needle in the world,” Shunkov told the Siberian Times. In utter jubilation, he also added that the tool gives sufficient evidence to suggest that the Denisovans were perhaps even more sophisticated than neanderthals or even Homo sapiens.

Previously the records dating back only 40,000 years have been discovered, but this new discovery provides evidence that the Denisovans made and used advanced tools as long as 50,000 years!

Pic Credits: siberiantimes

Excavation work has been accelerated at the Denisova Cave, and the archaeologists are hopeful that they might unearth more historically significant artefacts soon.

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