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World’s First Fully Functional Ocean Cleanup Project Is Finally Deployed

It’s not every day that you hear good news related to the Environment. Almost every other day brings with it a grim warning about our environment heading towards a bleak future.

So when something good actually happens for the environment, it is cause for celebration. One such recent happening is the installation of the Ocean Cleanup Project’s first cleanup system at the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.

World’s Largest Ocean CleanUp system is now up and running!

The system consists of a 600m-long floating pipe which is connected to a net. The net traps plastic into one place before it is collected and carried away by special boats.

After a number of trials at the Pacific, the Cleanup system was finally installed at Great Pacific Garbage Patch
Credits: Ocean Cleanup Project


This short video explains how the system actually works:

While the project may not seem sustainable being so expensive since discarded plastic does not have such a value and recycling it is not that much of a profitable option, it is still hoped that the long-term cost would reduce eventually when an increase in oil prices may push up prices of virgin plastics.

Nevertheless, expensive as it may be, saving the oceans is crucial for our survival and the Ocean Cleanup Project is doing humanity one huge service.




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