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World’s First 1TB MicroSD Card Is Available For Purchase Now

Are you tired of the limited storage that your gadgets have to offer? Do you want to download stuff onto your devices without having to worry about running out of storage? If you have $450 to spare, then you can say goodbye to all of your storage problems because the 1TB microSD card by SanDisk is now available in the market!

Yes, you read that right; SanDisk’s 1TB microSD card is available, and yes it costs $450. The Extreme card that is being offered by SanDisk via its own store will provide you with ample space to store stuff on. It is a U3-rated microSD card and can keep up with your 4K recordings without breaking a sweat.

Once the 1TB microSD card is available in stock, it will be available for purchase on Amazon as well. The card was unveiled back in February and has finally made its way into the market. The only catch right now is the price of this card. You can also opt for the 512GB card that is available for $200. However, the fact remains that for the price of $450, you can secure a OnePlus smartphone that offers more than sufficient memory and storage space.

Nonetheless, if you work with gadgets where you are constantly in need of more storage options; the SanDisk’s 1TB microSD card is for you! What do you think of this amazing technological advancement? Who here remembers the Floppy Drive that was about 3~4 inches and offered only MBs of storage space. We sure have come far away from those bulky storage days and are moving towards the slimmer and smaller storage options! P.S. just make sure you don’t up washing your microSD card worth $450 in your jeans while doing your laundry! Be sure to share the news with your friends and family members!