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Wix Will Now Let You Build Websites With AI Prompts

Wix, the popular template-based website builder, has unveiled an exciting new feature that allows users to create entire websites using AI prompts. The AI Site Generator feature goes beyond traditional templates by leveraging AI and algorithms to generate a unique website based on a user’s description and a few follow-up questions. With the integration of ChatGPT and Wix’s own AI models, the website creation process becomes more accessible and efficient.

A demonstration video showcases the simplicity of the new feature. Users start by describing the purpose of their website, such as a fitness site, and provide additional details. The AI chatbot then asks for any other specific preferences, followed by displaying a selection of sample pictures related to the desired style and feel. After making a choice, users click “Generate Site,” and within seconds, the website is created. Users can further customize their site by asking questions about alternative layouts and styles and selecting from the provided options.

The resulting websites are impressive, boasting professional-looking designs that surpass what traditional website builders like WordPress or Squarespace can achieve. The AI-generated sites feature sleek animations, image cutouts, and other modern design elements that are expected from contemporary websites.

While the level of direct control users have over the design is not entirely clear from the video, it appears that customization options for text and images are available. However, it remains to be seen if users can create websites that don’t resemble templates. Additionally, the accuracy and reliability of the AI-generated copy raise concerns, as chatbots can struggle with accuracy.

One question that arises is the responsibility for copyright infringement. Wix states that its “Artificial Design Intelligence (ADI)”-generated content is subject to copyright and intellectual property rights. However, it’s unclear if the same applies to ChatGPT-generated text. Wix should provide more clarification on this matter.

Despite these questions, Wix’s AI Site Generator presents an incredible tool for website creation, streamlining the process and offering more professional results. While it may contribute to the saturation of the web with generic websites, it also has the potential to empower small businesses and entrepreneurs, enabling them to establish a more polished online presence. With competitive pricing, Wix’s AI site generator could become a game-changer for individuals and businesses seeking an efficient and professional website-building solution.

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