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Windowless Airplanes Will Be Here In Less Than A Decade

Everyone wants change and we are living in an era of technology where it is being made possible to change what was considered to be permanent. For instance, the commercial flight cabin, as we know it, will be phased out in another 10 years.

What is this prediction based on should be a logical question and the answer is; Its based on the report that has been published by Center for Process Innovation (CPI) – a British Technology Research Company.

According to the report; in a decade’s time the industry will be providing passengers with a far more rich visual experience compared with the small and usually foggy view that the current windows allow for. All right, now would be a good time for the question about what will the conventional commercial flight cabin be replaced with and the answer is; a no window-Commercial flight cabin that will have OLED screens instead.

As per the design that has been put forward by the CPI, the airplane windows are going to be phased out while the giant OLED displays shall be opted for and they will be lined on the inside of the plane’s fuselage. OLED stands for Organic Light Emitting Diodes and is the same technology that is being employed in the new wave of TVs being manufactured.

These displays shall be used for the purpose of displaying images of the plane’s exterior while information pertaining to passengers will also be relayed via these screens. According to the report, the technology required to create the displays for the same price as prevailing displays is only 5 years away.

What follows are some of the renderings of the model and then some flaws that were pointed out on Twitter by a number of people.