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Why Glass Bottles Shatter At The Bottom When You Smack The Top With Your Hands? Here’s The Answer

We have all enjoyed a good laugh at the silly party trick when someone would hit the top of a glass bottle, and the bottom would burst out in pieces.



A YouTuber named Mark Rober decided to find out why did the lower part of the bottle shatter. He tested multiple theories and used a high-speed camera to capture the results. You can watch the video evidence gathered by Mark here:



Understandably, most of Mark’s arguments are focused on the pressure inside the bottle. On theory implies that air pressure shatters the bottom of the glass bottle. Another tests the idea that it is easier to smash a glass bottle containing non-carbonated drink as the liquid exerts pressure on the underside of the bottle and breaks it. He also examines the notion that the pressure of the air outside causes the bottle to give out.

Do you think that some other forces, apart from the pressure inside the bottle, are at play? Let us know in comments!

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