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Why Do Astronauts Always Fold Their Arms In Space? Here’s The Reason

Say hello to Scott Kelly, an astronaut and the first American who will be living in space continuously for a full year. He has surpassed his 300th day in space and was recently featured on Reddit AMA. Here’s a picture of him and if you have ever focused on astronauts’ pictures you would have noticed that most of them have their arms folded.

A Redditor asked the reason behind this from Scott and he responded by saying, “Your arms don’t hang by your side in space like they do on Earth because there is no gravity. It feels awkward to have them floating in front of me. It is just more comfortable to have them folded.”

In simple words, it all comes down to do you want to look like Frankenstein when your picture is being taken or a resilient astronaut? We believe everyone knows the answer to that question. Kelly further told that he even uses this posture when he’s sleeping. He said, “I don’t even have them floating in my sleep. I put them in my sleeping bag.”

This goes to show the number of adjustments that astronauts have to make when they are living in zero gravity conditions. Other examples include keeping track of time, seasoning of food, crying and using the bathroom. By the way, did you know that astronauts bring their urine back to Earth? Why? Find out here

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