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What Would The Last Human Be Like If The World Was Doomed? This Video Provides An Answer

Video: The Last Human – A Glimpse Into The Far Future

A documentary recently published by the German animation and design studio Kurzgesagt investigates the far future of humanity and how our population may change over time. The world is destined to doom. However, the timing is quite unpredictable. Perhaps in billion years, or maybe when the environment on Earth becomes unsuitable for humanity.

Many of us fear that humanity may go extinct due to the numerous global issues we will face in this century and beyond, such as climate change, nuclear war, asteroid strikes, and fatal viruses. However, the most recent video from Kurzgesagt gives reason for optimism.

We might actually be living at the birth of our species, the simple prologue to a huge and thrilling future that lies ahead, rather than being close to the conclusion of human history.

The “The Last Human – A Glimpse Into The Far Future” video challenges viewers to think about the possibility of a sizable number of future people.

“If we don’t kill ourselves in the next few centuries or millennia, almost all humans that will ever exist will live in the future.”

Here’s the video:

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