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What Will Happen If You Are Exposed To Space Without A Space Suit? Here’s The Answer

without space suit

Working in Outer Space is a dangerous business as it is void of life supporting atmosphere that stops radiation, creates plentiful supply of air and creates a livable climate for us to survive. Without all these, we should probably perish within a few seconds, but that is not the case as you would think. It takes a little but more time for the extreme conditions to attack our body and we might just survive the adverse exposure if we are rescued within a minute. But, more than that, even if we are rescued, we will probably die from the radiation exposure itself.

Other adverse conditions you will have to face are swelling of the body more than twice its normal size and the extreme cold due to the vacuum, both of which you won’t have to worry about because the lack of Oxygen pressure will take care of it on its own. Here a video on what happens to your body when you step out in the outer space without any space suite:

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