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What is Materials Engineering?

What is Materials Engineering24

Materials engineering or also known as Materials science is an interdisciplinary field that deals with the application of matter’s properties to a number of areas that pertain to science and engineering. This field is comparatively new; however the inventions that are a part of this engineering are quite old and still prove to be useful. Currently, this engineering discipline is focusing on a myriad of new technologies that include nanotechnology and new materials which would allow the scientists to tackle a plethora of issues that they are facing.

Materials Engineering Sub Disciplines

Materials engineering has been divided into a number of sub-disciplines which are as follows;

Top Materials Engineering Universities

The top three ranked universities when it comes to Materials Engineering are as follows;

  1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
  2. University of California, Berkley
  3. Stanford University

Materials Engineering Associations

There are a myriad of associations pertaining to Materials engineering but we shall list only three;

Being a Materials Engineer

Being a Materials engineer requires you to have a firm grip on properties of different materials and it also requires you to understand physical and chemical composition. As a materials engineer, it is your task to find new materials and to find ways to transform existing materials. Therefore, You will be spending quite some time in the laboratory.

Materials Engineer Salary

A Materials Engineer’s average annual salary in USA is $76,000.

Top Materials Engineering Companies

The top three companies pertaining to Materials Engineering are;

  1. Dofasco
  2. Barrick
  3. Fluor

Top Materials Engineering Inventions

Check out the three top inventions (as per us) that are a result of Materials Engineering.

  1. Steel
  2. Glass
  3. Concrete
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