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What is Electrical Engineering

Environmental portrait of Electrical engineering and music major Ryan Thompson

Electrical Engineering is one of the core engineering fields. As per the definition; it is the field of engineering which deals with the study and application of knowledge related to electricity, electromagnetism and electronics. Back in the latter half of the 19th century, once the electric telegraph, electric power distribution and telephone were commercialized, Electrical engineering was identified as an occupation and has progressed ever since. Nowadays, electronics is part of everyday life and electrical engineering plays a vital role in our lives. We all owe electrical engineering for all these computers, IT and respective advances that we have made till now.

Electrical Engineering Sub Disciplines

Electrical Engineering has been divided into a number of sub-disciplines which are as follows;

•             Electronics

•             Digital computers

•             Power engineering

•             Telecommunications

•             Control systems

•             RF engineering

•             Signal processing

•             Instrumentation

•             Microelectronics

•             Power

•             Control

Top Electrical Engineering Universities

The top three ranked universities when it comes to Electrical Engineering are as follows;

1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

2. Stanford University

3. University of California, Berkeley (UC Berkeley)

Electrical Engineering Associations

There are a myriad of associations pertaining to Electrical engineering but we shall list only three;

•             IEEE

•             ACEEE

•             IEICE

Being an Electrical Engineer

Being an Electrical engineer requires you to be able to visualize things in your mind. Visualization forms the basics of Electrical engineering and plays a vital role. However, mere visualization won’t get you anywhere and therefore, logical visualization is a must. Speaking on a broader scale; Electrical Engineering has two aspects; working in big factories and working in labs on designs. Primarily, this particular engineering deals with optimization and innovation. Electrical engineers usually tend to prefer a job which allows them to work in labs/indoors because an Electrical Engineer needs a place to pen down and work upon his/her ideas.

Electrical Engineer Salary

An Electrical Engineer’s average annual salary in USA is $84,000.

Top Electrical Engineering Companies

The top three companies pertaining to Electrical Engineering are;

1.            The Boeing Company

2.            Lockheed Martin Corporation

3.            International Business Machines Corporation (IBM)

Top Electrical Engineering Inventions

Check out the three top inventions (as per us) that are a result of Electrical Engineering.

1. Electric Bulb
2. Electric Motor
3. Telephone