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What Is Bio-Medical Engineering?

What is Biomedical Engineering 3

Biomedical engineering deals with engineering principles and design concepts, which can be or are being applied to medicine and biology. The focus of this field is to bridge the gap between engineering and medicine. It combines design and problem solving skills of engineering with that of biological and medical sciences. This is done to facilitate healthcare treatment which involves diagnosis, monitoring and therapy using modern technology.

Biomedical Engineering Sub Disciplines

Biomedical engineering has been divided into a number of sub-disciplines which are as follows:

Top Biomedical Engineering Universities

The top three ranked universities when it comes to Biomedical Engineering are as follows:

Biomedical Engineering Associations

There are a myriad of associations pertaining to Biomedical engineering but we shall list only three;

Being a Biomedical Engineer

Being a biomedical engineer requires that you develop analytical skills and new design techniques. A good foundation is a must for biomedical engineers and this is achieved by instilling a research oriented attitude from the very start. You will be dealing with health problems and will be required to come up with solutions. Apart from that, biomedical engineers require a firm grip on simulation softwares, data interpretation and analysis skills.

Biomedical Engineer Salary

A Biomedical Engineer’s average annual salary in USA is $81,000.

Top Biomedical Engineering Companies

The top three companies pertaining to Biomedical Engineering are:

Top Biomedical Engineering Innovations

Check out the three top inventions (as per us) that are a result of Biomedical Engineering: