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WATCH: Youtuber Shows How Sitting In The Air Trick Is Backed By Engineering

It is not only the trick that is revealed but experiencing it also showed how uncomfortable this seating position could get.

Illusionists do this trick pretty often, and chances are you might have seen the trick twice or thrice while watching a TV show or even having an illusionist perform it live.

Sitting in the air or invisible chair trick is one of the oldest magic tricks of all times. It makes for an amazing trick as the person doing it really appears to be sitting on absolutely nothing while keeping a balance in the air in a tricky way. However, after seeing what we have revealed, you might say your whole life has been a lie.

The trick that appears like something an illusionist or a magician would do in actuality is an engineering and not alone a matter of magic.

The part where most of the wondering comes to play is that how does the illusionists or magicians sit on the invisible chair. As it actually doesn’t involve balancing oneself in the air, instead, it’s a molded iron seat that supports the body and legs while being perfectly hidden under the performer’s pants or jeans.

The trick must sound pretty easy to do, whereas in actual it is not. You must be assuming that sitting on an iron chair, how hard could it get? Trust me; it is far more uncomfortable than you could ever imagine. You’ll only know if you ever get to experience it for yourself.

Watch the video below to feed your curiosity on how it is done and how difficult it is for the performer to perform such a trick. You can also learn how to go about it. This might add in some fun while fooling your friends and family. It offers even more tricks that are actually supported by basic physics. Adding in loads of fun to your social casual meetups. Enjoy!

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