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WATCH: YouTuber Loads Tenet Into Game Boy Cartridges Just To Spite Christopher Nolan

The perfect place to watch ‘Tenet’ is in a cinema, stated the film director, Christopher Nolan. As per the production team and many others who’ve experienced watching Tenet, it really is a film made for theater and would be a big miss if not watched on the big screen with perfect theater sound effects.

Such official statements urged the Youtuber ‘Bob Wulff’ to incorporate this time-bending mega-hit to the famous ‘Game-boy advance’ cartridges.

A Game Boy Advance might be the best way to watch Tenet, actually

The Youtuber openly admits that the method he has built most-probably is the worst way to watch the mega-blockbuster. Why? Because he split the two-and-a-half-hour movie into five cartridges, so if you by any means are tempted to watch in your Gameboy advance, you would have to switch fives video cartridges, which sounds annoying, I am sure it would feel the same way too.

Wulff had no other option either, as 30 minutes is the maximum time a Gameboy video cartridge can take. However, he loaded the cartridges with Tenet, and that too in a watchable state, he also developed customs labels for it.

To compress the file, Wulff had to squeeze the video down to six frames per second and set the video at 192×128 resolution. The software used by Youtuber paced up the video three times.

You must be curious how the final video quality of Tenet is available on Gameboy cartridges, as you’d most probably be assuming it is not crystal clear, nor its HD. But, you still might enjoy it given that you have it on Gameboy if you are an enthusiast.

Some of the viewers that viewed Tenet in cinemas have stated otherwise. It was hard for some people to understand most of the dialogues in the movie. So, assuming it won’t be any better on the Gameboy soundbox won’t be wrong.

Some other shows have been loaded onto Gameboy cartridges earlier too, episodes of famous shows such as Pokemon, Digimon, Sponge Bob, and several others are included in this list. Some movies were completely loaded to one cartridge, and those were wonders in compressing the video business. Still, it is the 20th birthday of the Gameboy, and it sounds like a perfect time to order cartridges loaded with Tenet in pieces. An idea of ruining a commendable movie by watching it on a Gameboy doesn’t sound like that bad idea.

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