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Watch What Happens To The New iPhone 7 Plus When It Is Dropped Off The World’s Tallest Building


The YouTuber TechRax has earned quite a fan following, 5,149,195 subscribers to be exact, by buying expensive gadgets and then destroying them just for the sake of it!

For his latest adventure, Rax climbed atop the world’s tallest building, Burh Khalifa in Dubai and nonchalantly threw his brand new iPhone 7 Plus from the top of the tower, more than 2700 feet above the ground.



The iPhone 7 Plus dropped downwards with a terminal velocity of roughly 63 m/s. The velocity was enough to shatter the windshield of a car on impact and could have caused fatal injuries to the pedestrians enjoying their Dubai tour. You can watch the entire drama unfold in the video below:



This leads us to the possibility of the video being a fake one. In that case, Rax flew halfway across the world just to fool his 5 million subscribers. If you enjoyed the video, you might want to watch how iPhone upholds against liquid nitrogen and what happens when an iPhone 7 is put in the microwave!

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