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Watch What A Porsche European Delivery Was Like In The ’80s

Porsche, a stalwart among German car manufacturers, continues to stand apart by preserving its European delivery program—an exclusive experience no longer offered by BMW and Mercedes. In this era of automated production, a glimpse into the past reveals the charm of Porsche’s European delivery in 1986. YouTuber Tasturbo86 shares a captivating video documenting their adventure, providing a window into a bygone era of automotive craftsmanship.

In 1986, Tasturbo86 embarked on a remarkable journey, taking European delivery of their 1986 Porsche 911 Turbo. The video not only captures the excitement of receiving a Porsche during a time when manufacturing was less automated but also offers a rare factory tour. Despite being “too cheap” to purchase insurance for driving in Germany, the enthusiasts meticulously recorded the factory tour, providing a unique perspective on Porsche’s past.

Fast forward to the present, and Porsche’s European delivery has evolved. Today, enthusiasts order their cars in their home countries, then embark on a personalized trip to Germany for the grand handover at the factory. Once the keys are handed over, the open road of Europe beckons, with 18 drop-off locations available upon concluding the journey. It’s a modern-day dream for Porsche aficionados, complete with insurance and registration.

The 1986 factory tour, as showcased in the video, unveils a time when manual craftsmanship dominated the production line. Porsche technicians meticulously turned wrenches and tapped hammers by hand, revealing a stark contrast to the automated processes of today. The assembly line featured Porsches of yesteryear, including the iconic 928, a testament to the brand’s rich history.

For many, the allure of European delivery remains a dream, and watching Tasturbo86’s video not only allows enthusiasts to live vicariously through another but also transports them to one of the coolest eras in Porsche’s storied history. The nostalgia of a time when craftsmanship prevailed, coupled with the thrill of driving a Porsche through Europe, makes the experience all the more enticing.

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