Wonderful Engineering

Watch This Real-Life Iron Man Lift Up A car Using His DIY Exoskeleton

We all have at one point or another in our life considered gaining super strength. The idea is liberating to say the least; to be able to do anything that you want without depending on anyone. While our idea of super human strength is merely limited to our fantasy, a Canadian inventor decided to act upon it and has created an exoskeleton suit that imparts him bionic strength.

Meet James Hobson, an engineer, who has created this amazing suit that is capable of lifting 2,500 pounds. To put that into perspective; it’s the weight of a Mini Cooper and that’s exactly what he lifts in the video uploaded to YouTube.

The recent video shows the lower half of the suit that makes use of a powerful set of pneumatic pistons. The suit features a battery pack that provides power to the pistons for extending and lifting the car up.

Hobson quit his full-time job as a product developer in order to follow his project of creating this suit. He was funded by the German programming show, Galileo and went on to complete the lower portion of the suit in only one week. Check it out in the video below and let us know what you think of it.