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Watch This Pregnant Robot Give Birth To A Baby

We have come quite far when it comes to technology and medical sciences. The ideas that were just ideas once have been materialized and are a reality now. Robotics is another field that has progressed quite a lot in the past few years. So, our question to you is; what happens when you combine these three?

You get Noelle, a pregnant robot at John Hopkins University! Yes, pregnant and that too a robot. Let us explain. Noelle is a life-like and birth-giving stimulation that is used for training medical students. This allows the students to undergo simulations of high risks and thereby helps in training them to be able to tackle it in real life as well. Students learn from their mistakes and perfect their technique.

Susan Will, OB patient nursery nurse that the most important aspect of learning from this simulation is team communication. The film of an emergency birth is re-watched and this helps medical team learning a lot.