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Watch This Mathematics Guru Try To Solve The Unsolvable Graceful Tree Problem

Graceful Tree Problem Has Been Explained By Numberphile!

How many of you enjoyed studying mathematics? We are betting that not many of you did. It could have been because of the way subject was taught to you. Nonetheless, mathematics can be quite fun when taught by a person who has command over the subject. Numberphile is a YouTube user that solves mathematics problems, however; this time the math expert has met his match! The problem at hand is the ‘Graceful Tree Conjecture’ – a problem that has remained unsolved ever since 1967.

Isn’t it fun when you watch a math expert fail to solve something? Did that give away the ending of the video? Of course, it did! The graceful tree conjecture has beaten the math expert. As it happens, if you put odd consecutive integers starting with 1 in a tree featuring five or more sport, it is not possible to subtract them according to their places without getting a repeat number. Numberphile tried his best to somehow come up with a solution but alas had to admit defeat in the face of this unsolvable math problem.

The beauty of the graceful tree conjecture is that it will work irrespective of the design of the tree. Numberphile can be seen getting creative with the designs and even draws serpents and ants to somehow solve the problem. However, all is in vain. The problem is from 1967 and works with any number of connected circles.

The caveat is that there cannot be any loops. The video is entertaining and fun to watch. It is always a treat to witness someone else struggling with a math problem. Check out the video below and let us know what you think of it. If you know of such math problems, feel free to share them with us. You can also suggest different math problems for numberphile to solve for you.