Wonderful Engineering

Watch This Machine Crush Everyday Objects Under 100,000 lbs Of Pressure

When you have some of the strongest alloys available in the market, you test them on anything you want just to make a point. This is what General Electric and their testing staff do for enjoyment and PR. These alloys are made to withstand high pressures but to demonstrate a weapon’s power, sometimes we have to use weak unwary victims as well. GE engineers have put them inside a heating and a smashing device called the micro forge. Now they get to test different things to their heart’s content.

Located at GE’s Global Research Center in Schenectady, New York, the impressive machine can heat objects up to the temperature of a volcano and produce a crushing pressure of almost 100,000 lbs. So, here is what they did with this kind of sophisticated technology:

They used it on a rubber ducky. Although it gets flattened, it doesn;t undergo much change!

The tennis ball returned to its original shape despite all the pressure. A really flexible material used in these things.


The baseball was however more brittle and didn’t last long and exploded.

The Aluminium baseball was folded into ribbons of metal.

This silver goblet took some working and de-shaped at 100,000 lbs. It still appears like a cup though.

These glasses had no chance against this goliath machine. They were smooshed underneath in no time.

This golf club’s head split into two before getting entirely flattened.

This skateboard wheel could also not last that long.

Completely snapped didn’t it?

The tiny toy truck didn’t stand a chance did it?

Turns into a metal pancake doesn’t it?

This Steel Thermos is collapsed under the pressure.

This aluminium can as well.


This metal baking mold would be baking a ridiculously shaped bread after this machine was through with it.