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Watch This Dutch Craftsman Create A Giant Robotic Arm From Scratch In An Hour

robotic arm made by Dutch arm

Freerk Wieringa is not a specialist in building robots. He is a Dutch artist and craftsman and known for his steel works. He has created custom knives, swords, and daggers but he is also moving ahead to build robots. According to Wieringa’s video description, this robotic arm is only the part one of building a massive exoskeletal system. He said that the final product would be a “giant exoskeletal controlled completely analog humanoid robot.”

He documented the entire process of the construction. He placed the outlines on the unformed and unshaped steel. He created every hinge with care and precision. He went for hydraulics to control the arm instead of using RaspberryPi or other electronic systems. The size and scale of the arm are incredible. He built the robotic arm alone and watching him finish the arm in his shop is impressive. He extends and rotates the hand using his control, and it is identical to a scene of Real Steel.

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