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Watch This Computer Solve A 32,768 x 32,768 Rubik’s Cube In 2,706 Hours

You can now watch a computer make about eight billion moves for completing a 32,768 x 32,768 Rubik’s Cube. The computer took a total of 2,706 hours for solving the Rubik’s Cube.

For those of you who do not know, the Rubik’s Cube has been a part of our lives since 1974. It was created by a Hungarian sculptor and professor, Ernõ Rubik. We have known the Rubik’s cubes to be hand-sized squared that come with six little cubes that are coloured differently to each side.

However, thanks to the technological advancements, the cube has also progressed further with time. The video that you will be seeing comes from a YouTube user by the name of ShellPuppy. ShellPuppy shows a computer that is busy solving a 32,768 by 32,769 Rubik’s Cube in a total of 2,706 hours.

In the start, you will begin by seeing just how big the Rubik’s Cube is that it starts off with its regular shape and size. However, then you can see it increasing in size noticeably as it reaches the size of a T-Rex dinosaur and then big enough to carry the weight of an airplane eventually becoming as tall as Eiffel Tower, and then reaching its final dimensions. The video is unfathomable but really entertaining at the same time.

Oh, and just so you know; the computer took about eight billion moves to solve it. Lucky for us that we don’t have to watch the computer work for more than 2,000 hours to witness this amazing sight. You can check out the shorter 15-minute long video that will demonstrate the highlight of the computer’s moves. While we are it, can we suggest a fast-forwarded video of the entire 2,706 hours? Just for the curious fans out there, please?

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