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Watch Thieves Steal An Entire ATM Using A Fork Lift In Texas

Image: YouTube

Bank robbery is not a successful crime as most of these thieves get caught the same day. However, the new trend is ATM thefts, and the methods range from absolutely genius to outright ridiculous. Robberies like these require months of planning and quite a lot of people. But the bunch of thieves in Conway, Arkansas just dropped all the scheming behind and tore down a part of the bank, only to lift the entire ATM with a forklift.

The only thing they did not care about was the CCTV that captured the entire stunt on video, and the police has been using it to catch the robbers since then. The incident happened on the morning of August 16 at 3:30 am, and the robbers have not been caught yet.

Not everyone has access to a forklift, so the authorities suspect that the criminals might have some connections with a construction firm. Officials are urging the citizens of Arkansas to watch the video closely to see if they can find anything useful.

You may be wondering why something like this has not been done previously because it appears so simple, doesn’t it? Well, most ATMs are fitted with GPS trackers while some other with dye capsules that will stain all the bills inside. Yeah, that money won’t remain useful to you anymore.

The incident is not the first of its kind in Texas as another such attempt had been made in Windcrest back in February, but the robbers ended up dropping the machine on a highway. In July of this year, a group of thieves pulled the same kind of stunt and managed to sneak away an entire ATM from a bank in Ashby, Leicestershire in the UK.

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