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Watch The Hurricane Matthew Wreck Havoc On Earth From The International Space Station


Hurricane Matthew wreaked utter devastation and chaos when it tore through the Bahamas this Thursday. It already has annihilated Haiti swallowing more than 250 people in its path, and now is heading to Florida, USA at a threatening 100-mile-per-hour speed.

One cannot ever imagine that something so horrific and destructive could also be depicted in any other way. But about 250 miles above the storm, the International Space Station was capturing the monster from a view which surprisingly looked very calm and sedate.

The ISS used its high resolution cameras to capture the Category 4 hurricane moving across the islands. But from up there, it cast a strangely mesmerizing show while its swirl drifted across the screen.

The tweet by NASA made the footage public on Thursday afternoon.

In the video below you can watch Matthew making a landfall in western Haiti on Tuesday before going on to the Bahamas on Thursday.

The National Hurricane Center issued a statement on Thursday afternoon “Matthew is likely to produce devastating impacts from storm surge, extreme winds, and heavy rains in the northwestern Bahamas today, and along extensive portions of the east coast of Florida tonight.”


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