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Watch The CEO Of Jetson Take An eVTOL On His Commute To Work

Have you ever thought of changing the way you travel daily, from riding in buses or cars to flying your own evTOL? Well, that’s what the Jetson co-founder, Tomasz Patan, did. In a brand-new video released yesterday, Tomasz Patan can be seen taking off from the backyard of his home in an evTOL and flying all the way to work. This is just incredible if you own this bewildering masterpiece. However, this phenomenal yet sophisticated aircraft is not only comfortable to fly but also very convenient for takeoffs and landings.

This “Sweden’s Jetson One Aircraft” is a coaxial octacopter having eight wing-like blades mounted on concentric poles. It also encompasses a seat and a battery combination that are enough for a 20-minute ride. Moreover, this octacopter can cruise at a speed of 63 mph (102 km/h). You can easily fly it with a joystick and a throttle, but in case it runs out of battery, then it will just land on some place by hovering like a helicopter. It is not fully automated and you can control its agility with joysticks and the throttle installed.

What’s more, the company has asserted that “it is the world’s first eVTOL commute to work”. It can be seen in the video that Patan utilizes a comprehensive track, also called a “paddock,” for takeoff and landing procedures. And this mechanism is not similar to something through which most people commute. A separate pad is used for vertical takeoff and landing, and from there, as depicted in the video; Paton goes above and beyond the lush green forests by encapsulating the strong effect of fluctuating wind on the trees.

Furthermore, he then accelerates with a little more speed during the cruise, and after covering some distance over the forests and overtaking the powerlines, he finally lands on a consolidated and compact-sized pad at his work. But the claim of a company regarding this evTOL as “the world’s first” becomes arguable when eHand (i.e., the world’s first electric passenger aerial autonomous vehicle) released a video of its aerial machine three years ago.

In the video, Hu Huazhi, who is the CEO of the company, was seen flying to his work by utilizing the takeoff and landing pads of a similar kind. He also took off from the building, which is not his home because of the presence of the takeoff and landing pads in that area. It should also be worth noting that this eHand aircraft was fully autonomous. Hence, the technology is practicable and is a good way to commute to nearby places.

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