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WATCH: Spec Ops Soldier Lands On A Ship Wearing “Gravity Jetpack”

WATCH: Special operations soldier lands on a ship wearing "Gravity jetpack"

The new jetpack will fly you anywhere you desire.

A futuristic jet suit designed for the special operations team can be seen in action where it flies a soldier to board a ship in style in a video released by the jetpack’s developers. The special operations soldier, who belongs to the Netherland’s Maritime Special Operations, took off from a nearby vessel before making the landing.

The new flying technology by Gravity Industries is a modern solution to reach places with convenience and in style. Usually, a soldier would approach the ship in a tailing vessel, but the futuristic flying suit changed it. The soldier effortlessly took off to the skies above water and landed on the deck of the ship.

Gravity, the flying suit’s developers, has seen leaps in advances in recent years. It has become the biggest player in the jetpack field. They have announced that initial responders and militaries will acquire the offered jet suit technologies. Moreover, Gravity has also offered journalists to test and try these flying suits along with proper safety measures.

The newly designed flying suit packs 1050 horsepower of thrust, powered by its four mini jet engines. The credit goes to their developed system’s power which won the company a Guinness world record for “fastest speed in a body controlled jet engine powered suit” in 2019.

Gravity is on route to release its new fully stabilized flying autonomous vehicle called “Speeder” with a top speed of 250 mph and a capacity to seat two passengers.

The known tech venture investor Tim Draper, an early investor for Tesla and SpaceX, said that of having invested in Gravity and its future ventures. The new flying technologies will take us out of cars, to a new dimension of flying travels.

“Right now, we are stuck in cars; long distances require driving to an airport and getting on a plane,” famed venture capitalist Tim Draper, early investor for both SpaceX and Tesla, told CNBC in December after announcing he had made major investments in Gravity Industries. “Imagine you can just strap on a jet suit and take off and fly where ever you want to go,” he added. “I think [vertical take-off and landing] technology is what we are all looking for.”

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