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Watch SpaceX Workers Perform Pullups At The Top Of The Mechazilla Tower

SpaceX Workers Have Been Seen Performing Pullups Near The Mechazilla Tower

Sitting continuously on your work desk has been deemed equally dangerous as smoking cigarettes. SpaceX workers seem to have heard about it as they took a break from their mundane office desks and went for some outdoor fun at the Mechazilla.

The Mechazilla is a 400 feet tower that gives a stunning view of Texas, but this piece is not about the view; it is about Musk’s employees carrying out pull-ups at the tower. Quite someplace to do it. In footage captured by SpaceX fan and broadcaster Lab Padre, at least three engineers took turns doing pull-ups each.  

Now, why did the engineers choose this site as their outdoor gym may remain a secret with the group of three on location.

With all eyes following every tiny detail of the company, this little stunt was bound to get attention. The company is already at the center stage owing to its much-awaited orbital launch. Luckily the daredevil stunt did not violate any safety rules, and if it did, then OSHA will notify the company, and we will get to know. Until then, it’s all fun and games.

The massive tower, dubbed Mechazilla by SpaceX CEO Elon Musk, is a huge structure designed from the ground up to catch both the company’s Mars-bound Starship spacecraft and its accompanying Super Heavy booster.

Over the past few months, engineering teams have made promising advances, such as installing two specialized chopstick-like arms to capture rockets. Its launch date, however, is still unknown. After the Federal Aviation Administration’s investigation is completed, the first orbital Starship launch could take place as soon as this month.

Engineers would have to entertain themselves until then, and they are having a good time doing so.

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