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WATCH: Rimac Nevera Shatters Quarter-Mile World Record

Leave it to Rimac’s Nevera to break the quarter-mile record at a whooping 8.582-second run, leaving Tesla way behind.

It’s no surprise that electric cars have speeds higher than conventional cars but Nevera is on a whole other level. As the name Nevera suggests, the hypercar strikes with exceptional speed just like a sudden Mediterranean storm charged by lightning, and doesn’t fail to deliver with its 1.914 horsepower.

Brooks Wieselblat from Dragtimes decided to put Nevera to the test at the Famoso Raceway drag strip and did 11 runs in the electric beast. During Wieselblat’s first run, Nevera scored an impressive 8.74 second quarter mile which evidently left the driver speechless as he remarked, “Wow. That is unlike anything I’ve ever driven.” On his second attempt, after a few burnouts, he was able to bring the time even lower to 8.61 seconds. Rimac’s traction control software optimizes itself for the best run time after a few tries on a given track so it wasn’t until the 11th run, that the hypercar set a new record of 8.582-second quarter-mile with a top speed of 167.51mph or 269.58 km/h. Woah, talk about speed!

In the video posted by Dragtimes, watching the car in high-speed action is quite exciting and the hilarious commentary by the driver makes it twice more enjoyable. The video also explains the car’s full control system in depth and analyzes how the technology behind Nevera works in real-time.

As of now, Rimac’s Nevera ranks at the top of the list of production quarter-mile champions, which is available on Wikipedia. It is loosely followed by Tesla Model S Plaid at 9.23 seconds and Bugatti Chiron Sport at 9.4 seconds. It’s safe to say that Nevera leads with a big margin right now.

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