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Watch People Attending A Rave In The Metaverse – With Zero Energy

It is no news now that Facebook has rebranded itself as Metaverse and is on the motive to convince people to join its metaverse. The company has been selling millions of its Oculus VR headsets, the actual experience leaves a lot to be desired.

Recently, there was a clip uploaded by NFT enthusiast and blockchain CTO Alex Moss on Twitter today that shows a “live rave” taking place inside Meta’s VR playground for adults.

The response, however, has not been very positive. In the clip, several dozen avatars can be seen standing around frozen in place, while two real-world electronic artists do their best to entertain the motionless crowd through a giant virtual screen.

People are of the opinion that if this paints how the future interactions are going to be, they are going to be very underwhelming. The pandemic has already made them feel lonelier and more depressed than ever before.

“Did you post this to make fun of it or because you actually think it looks cool?” one user responded.

“Are you guys okay?” another user offered. “Do you need help working on whatever this… Thing… Was supposed to be?”

“This was obviously created by someone who has never been to a rave,” another replied.

“The feeling you get when your friends invite you to this crazy house party, but you get there and its just eight dudes slouched in a sofa watching ‘Family Guy,’” one user wrote.

Apart from hosting mind-numbingly dull gatherings, Meta’s virtual world has experienced a pretty rough start, with testers complaining of unwanted sexual advances and underage users screeching into their microphones.

If Meta wants people to be engaged in its virtual reality, he will need to put in a lot of work.

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