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Watch Mark Zuckerberg Show Off A New Mixed Reality Swordfighting Game

Meta’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg is massively into fencing and swords.

Not flexing or anything but he was the fencing team captain at his boarding school, Phillip Exeter Academy, and he’s been working his sword-wielding skills ever since!

The CEO used his fencing skills yesterday to promote his rebranded company’s new virtual reality headset that is named Quest Pro (also known as Project Cambria, Zucko’s sneaky project code name.) This also has mixed-reality capabilities.

The headset is scheduled for release in late October. It creates a virtual reality into the physical one — which, is a central feature of Zuckerberg’s metaverse dreams.

“Fencing in the metaverse with Olympic gold medalist and world’s #1 ranked @leetothekiefer and 2x Olympic medalist @gerekmeinhardt,” Swashzucky captioned the fencing stunt. “Using our new high-end VR headset coming out next month with mixed reality — meaning you can see virtual objects (like your friends’ fencing) alongside the physical world around you.”

The video is quite heavily compressed, so it’s hard to measure the quality of the graphics when you’re wearing the headset. That being said, a few notable improvements on the Quest 2 are quite notable.

Quest 2’s real-world display was grainy black and white. However, the Quest Pro appears to have a color and a helpful depth sensor. The visor is slimmer, which might make it comfortable to wear. The tech also has face-and-eye-tracking technology which is a feature designed to improve social interactions.

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