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What What Happens When This Guy Attaches Rockets To A Fidget Spinner


The cancer of fidget spinner, the ultimate antithesis of “stress release” has spread at an exponential rate. And it was just a matter of time that it seeped into our blog as well! Anyways, today we bring you fidget spinner on drugs, and no matter how deeply (and justifiably) you hate the next worst thing after Pokemon Go, this video is surely worth watching.

YouTube’s TheBackYardScientist brings Fidget spinner with rockets that would make Kim Jong Un’s missile program look shabb-ier. The rockets make the fidget spinner go absolutely berserk and as the toy spins at over 5000 rpm and for over 2 minutes before coming to a halt.

With this video, it is clear that we’re reaching autistic levels that shouldn’t even be humanly possible.

Now we can finally take cancer to space! Hurray!