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Watch This Astronaut Play Ping Pong In Space With A Blob Of Water

Pic Credits: sciencealert

Astronauts are known to be super smart and highly dedicated individuals, who give their blood, sweat, and tears for the sake of their passion and job. Scott Kelly, an astronaut, achieved an astounding feat when he spent more than 300 consecutive days in space. Of course after such show of dedication and grit, he truly deserves a break. So he took a time-out from his duties to play a little game of ping-pong.

As it is with everything associated with astronauts, it wasn’t an ordinary game of ping pong. Instead, Kelly used a blob of water as a ball and hydrophobic handles as paddles! These paddles were etched with poly-carbonate lasers sprayed with a Teflon coat. This made them water repellent, and made it possible for them to enjoy a nice and smooth game of space ping pong!

Other than Kelly, other ISS astronauts also joined to enjoy playing with the floating water orb in the microgravity of space. They did all sorts of cool stuff, like dissolving an effervescent tablet in water and mixing food colors into the orbs to make them breathtakingly beautiful.

Watch these astronauts who are having their peculiar brand of fun in the zero gravity!

The liquid is quite a challenging thing to handle in space. A recent example of astronauts experiencing problems at the space station further confirms this fact. Somehow, a small amount of water leaked from the suit of Tim Kopra, NASA astronaut, that forced the entire crew to cut short the spacewalk as a precaution.

Would you fancy a game of space ping pong with these colored water orbs? Let us know in the comments’ section below!

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