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Watch As This Crazy Youtuber Fires 5000 Fireworks Together In An Epic Display

colin furze

We have covered many of Colin Furze’s works before this yet another mind-blowing video. Whether it was a hovering speeder like the one from Star Wars, firing thermite launchers, this guy has done it all. Now he makes a crazier-than-usual video for every million subscribers and he since he just hit the 3 million milestones, he decided to have a truckload of fireworks, connect them with each other and let it rip.

To make this possible, he purchased 58 boxes of fireworks, rigged them and then connected them to an iron dome that somewhat resembles the dreaded Deathstar from Star Wars: A New Hope. So, there were like roughly 5,000 fireworks in all and he attached them to a hydraulic forklift to raise them to a certain height for a spectacular effect. Here is the display:

So, the best celebrations for the next million mark we have ever seen! The whole episode took place near an abandoned runway, and the area was devoid of human presence. More than $9,000 worth of fireworks were used that night and all of them were provided completely free by Epic Fireworks who saw this as a good marketing maneuver. So, without costing a lot, Colin Furze has raised the bar for the million subscriber celebrations. I can’t wait for his 4 million mark and see what he pulls off next!

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