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Watch As AI Learns How To Play The Classic Game Of Snake

What you are going to witness is nothing short of a feat of science and technology. You will be watching exactly what happens as the neural network learns how to play the classic game of Snake.

The video takes us through the wonderful process of AI learning how to play the classic game known as Snake. It is quite an interesting video for those who are interested in how neural networks operate and for those who needed proof of how AI will take over the world.

The video has been created by Chrispresso, and he makes sure that what he is showing in the video is easy to follow. He provides the viewers with detailed insights into how the system is operating on the back end. He makes use of a stunning piece of music that is quite befitting to the video. Even if you are not a fan of the AI, we are sure that you will really enjoy the music.

Chrispresso quite brilliantly breaks down how the AI learns about how to play the game. You will observe that the AI continues to improve its understanding of the game. The first 30 minutes are nothing compared to how the AI tackles the game after two hours. The basic idea of the game Snake is for the Snake to collect apples and avoid running into itself or the wall.

Chrispresso made use of a neural network along with a genetic algorithm for teaching a population of snakes to gradually how to play the game without any input from the user. You will get to watch the Input and Output layers of the neural network light up as the information is passed through it. Check out the video clip below and watch for yourself as the AI learns and improves at the game.