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Watch An iMac Get Blasted Into Oblivion By A Powerful Combustion Tube

imac combustion tube

Blowing up stuff and utterly annihilating them beyond recognition, yes that’s just another day at the office for The Slow Mo Guys. This time, their creative yet supremely evil minds put an old iMac in front of a combustion tube.

Usually, a combustion tube is used to test flame acceleration and deflagration towards detonation transition. But The Slow Mo Guys always see things for their worst and most destructive usage, and that’s exactly what they did here.

The result, a magnificent blob of fire blasting out at 1,800 meters a second (approximately 4,000 miles per hour). This can also make a terrific video for the Microsoft, with their fire tube blowing the outdated Mac to bits and pieces.

Note to the Slow Mo Guys: Next time put a Nokia 3310 there and watch the entire world implode.

Pretty cool, isn’t it?

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