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Watch A Suspension Bridge In India Crumble Like A Stack Of Cards

In a startling incident in Bhagalpur, Bihar, an under-construction four-lane bridge over the Ganga River collapsed like a stack of cards. The unfortunate event was recorded on camera and marks the second collapse within a year. Thankfully, no casualties have been reported thus far. This bridge, which connects Sultanganj and Khagaria districts, was inaugurated in 2014 by Chief Minister Nitish Kumar.

Promptly responding to the incident, Chief Minister Nitish Kumar has ordered a comprehensive investigation and emphasized the need for strict action against those found responsible. Bhagalpur District Magistrate Subrat Kumar Sen confirmed the collapse, stating, “I have received information that 4-5 pillars of the Aguwani-Sultanganj under-construction bridge collapsed. The concerned department officials are in contact with the administration,” as cited by news agency PTI.

Allegations of corruption within the Nitish Kumar-led Bihar administration have gained prominence as a result of the incident. These worries were brought up by Samrat Choudhary, the state’s BJP president, who said that corruption was pervasive.

This is not the first time a bridge has collapsed in Bihar. Another bridge that was in the Begusarai district last year split in two and sank into the Burhi Gandak river. Fortunately, no casualties were recorded because there was no access road and the bridge had not been made public. “The inauguration was imminent, but the collapse took place before that,” a representative of the government said at the time of the catastrophe.

Bridge collapses are more than just an inconvenience. They threaten lives and demand answers. That’s why we have to investigate deeply– to figure out what went wrong and hold accountable the responsible parties. It’s essential that safety protocols are observed and construction quality is monitored.

The tragic crash of the incomplete bridge in Bhagalpur is a stern warning sign that we need to take our infrastructure upkeep seriously. It’s high-time for governing figures to act quick and ensure public safety above all– no more slip-ups like this! We have to start making sure these kinds of catastrophes never happen again.

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