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Watch A Driver Try To Fly A Rented Tesla On A Public Road And Crash Spectacularly

We don’t really need to remind anyone that attempting to conduct any type of nonsense on a public highway is simply stupid. Especially if you ever do it when there is no congestion, you are still putting yourself in danger. It’s extremely dangerous when you get out of the automobile without knowing where you’ve been meant to stop. That was the situation with the driver of a 2018 Tesla Model S who had the smart plan of flying over Los Angeles on a Sunday morning. Many spectators captured the dive on video and promptly shared the incredible clip on Twitter. The black electric automobile was extensively damaged, which comes as a surprise. The following footage reveals that all of the airbags were released at the time of the collision:

To make matters worse, the guy driving the Model S did not even own the vehicle. It was, however, a rental. He escaped in a separate Tesla, and authorities are now looking for him. Police departments in Los Angeles are giving a $1,000 incentive to people in the community who can assist in identifying the culprit, eventually leading to his arrest, through the Hit-and-run Reward Program Trust Fund. The motorist has been accused of hit-and-run, and police will approach the rental business for more evidence. It’s reasonable to say he was rather fortunate to have gotten out of the automobile alive.

“We’re just glad he didn’t commit suicide,” Dehesa added. “We wanted to be sure that no one attempts to replicate this. “Hook claimed he learned of a dirt bike leap over the Baxter Street hill less than a day since the Tesla jump. In 2020, a YouTube influencer posted a video of his Tesla SUV leaping over the same crossroads and the 32 percent grade slope. The slope is the torment of any driver who has been led to the road by a navigation app.

Following a violent landing, the automobile collided with several bins and a parked car. All of the airbags deployed. The car’s front end was significantly affected, although the injury appeared to have been self-inflicted in all aspects. That implies it might be a pricey total loss. It was a completely new rental Tesla, valued at around $150,000, as per the statement.

Undoubtedly, the current tragedy will calm down those drivers who believe that if they possess a Tesla, anything is possible and everything would be joyful.

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