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Volvo’s New Truck Prototype Is 30 Percent More Fuel Efficient. This Is How They Do It

Long-haul trucks are one of the main causes of air pollution and emissions with their huge size and poor design. Volvo has been at the forefront of making model haul trucks for some time now, and credit goes to its marketing team for pulling off a few of the most amazing stunts seen in the trucking business ever. Here is just a flashback of how stable their trucks can be:

So, now that we have established that Volvo possesses the most stable trucks in the business, the company is also working hard on increasing the fuel efficiency of the noisy monsters and has come up with a design that ensures 30 percent less fuel consumption. Most of the fuel reduction is owed to a more aerodynamic design and reduced weight. The concept was delivered with the help of Swedish Energy Agency, and the ultimate aim of the company is to bring it close to fifty percent. We are often concerned by out lack of fuel efficiency in our small cars. Imagine what fifty percent or even thirty percent can result in such a huge fuel consumption requirement.

A forty percent improvement in the aerodynamic design was achieved by improving both the tractor and trailer portions of the vehicle. The better design involves use of cameras instead of side view mirrors, specially designed and optimized chassis side skirts and better path of airflow for the engine’s cooling system. A new tire shape with lower rolling friction parameters was also achieved although that is needed sometimes to avoid the truck from slipping on challenging roads. The trailer weight has also been reduced by a remarkable 2 tons and the new engine is Volvo D13 Euro 6 engine that can certainly pass the emissions tests with flying colours. 

The prototype was tested in Sweden’s amazing network of roads in last autumn. The truck will not be released to the public but many of its efficient features are already being introduced in the new line of Volvo trucks. Damn, these guys really know their stuff.